Blower Door Products

The Minneapolis Blower Door has long been recognized as the best designed and supported building airtightness testing system in the world – the system of choice for building science professionals and high-performance builders.
Complete with everything you need for fully automated Blower Door testing.

This complete kit includes the Minneapolis Blower Door fan and controller, door frame and fabric, and the DG-1000 Pressure and Flow Gauge, and accessory cases. Provides both pressurization and depressurization testing, with Cruise Control to automatically control the fan during testing. Software is included. The DG-1000 pressure and flow gauge is state-of-the art with Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi connection options and updateable software. Compliant with all relevant worldwide testing standards.

Houses built to more stringent performance standards such as Passive House or Zero Net Carbon are allowed only a small amount of air leakage through the building envelope. A Mini-Fan Blower Door System, using a Minneapolis Duct Blaster® fan, can be just the right size when regularly testing these high-performance buildings. The system is also fast and effective way to test individual apartments in multi-residential buildings. Light and fast, these systems optimise the testing process.

The Minneapolis Blower Door™ System is available in multi-fan systems suitable for testing larger buildings. The systems are modular, allowing them to be expanded and adapted to the challenges presented by every unique building. A 220-volt Model 3 three-fan system is capable of delivering up to 32,100 m3/hr at 50 Pascals. As many as 16 DG-1000s controlling up to 24 fans can be connected with standard TECLOG4 software, bringing almost any building into measurement range.